Shocking! My Favorite Disney ParK Isn’t Magic Kingdom, Anymore.

Can you guess what it is?


All of the Walt Disney Parks are magical of course. But which one do you like best and why?

The Magic Kingdom is the original. And so, for me it is full of great memories of happy times with friends and family over the years. It has the iconic rides that still fascinate and thrill. What better symbol of Walt Disney World itself than Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain?

Magic Kingdom was my favorite park, especially when I visited with my nieces and nephews. But without any kids in tow, it’s not so much my favorite anymore.

Too crowded. Too hectic. Too noisy. I’m not into rides that much anymore. Definitely not a thrill rider, so the coasters aren’t for me. But you can’t beat the fireworks, though I tend to enjoy them from afar anymore rather than stand on Main Street shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. I like them better from the Polynesian or the Grand Floridian now.


Epcot was once my favorite park. The original Epcot that is. I was fascinated by the innovations and the science. The World of Energy and Wonders of Life were my favorites. And what about the original Figment of the Imagination and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

EPCOT has changed and, in my opinion, not for the better. Oh I still love the World Showcase and learn all about the different cultures. And the Festivals are still great fun.

But I feel that EPCOT has become much more of a Theme Park in recent years. The atmosphere has changed. The crowds have increased. It’s become much more of an eating and drinking venue, than oneof learning. I for one don’t like having to battle my way through visitors that have imbibed the ‘spirits’ a bit too much.

Hollywood studios. You know what I’m going to say bye now before I say it. Don’t you?

I liked it better when it was MGM studios or at least before all the recent changes. When the park was dedicated to the the making of movies rather than the promotion of Disney IPs and brand.

I liked The Backstage Studio Tour, The Magic of Disney Animation Tour, Superstar Television and The Monster Sound Show. And, oh yes, the Great Movie Ride, though I must say I enjoy Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad even more.

Galaxies Edge and Toy Storyland are great but with them have come the crowds, the lines, and the long, long waits.

By now I suppose you’ve guessed the answer to my first question. Which part is my favorite?

Animal Kingdom is my favorite Walt Disney World Park by far.

Why? Well, the Animals of course. And the environment, the theming, the food. But most of all Animals Animals, Animals.

When I’m in Animal Kingdom I don’t feel like I’m in a theme park at all. I feel like I’m really on an adventure. On an adventure in Africa or Asia, or on an archaeological dig with dinosaurs. Or yes, even on a strange planet called Pandora. And who doesn’t love going on Safari, closest I’ll ever get to a Safari, I think. Or how about petting barnyard animals or seeing wild animals up close.

There are rides of course and they’re great ones. But what is most important they don’t interfere with the overall theming. As Disney has made changes and added attractions to the park, they don’t seem to have altered the learning experience.

Animal Kingdom was created to provide a message that is its underlying character. A message that of the world of animals is endangered and their preservation and the ecology of the world in general is important and our responsibility. Disney hasn’t broken with Disney imagineer Joe Rohde’s concept for the park. And I’m thankful for that.

But most of all, I love Animal Kingdom because of the space, the openness, the Peace. Though the park is often crowded in most areas it just doesn’t feel that way. The animal trails in particular are great places to get away from the crowds.

So, while I love all of the Walt Disney World Parks, magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. I will still visit each of them on every visit to the Magic. But Animal Kingdom is my favorite and I plan on spending two full days there on my trip next month.

So, what’s your favorite Disney world theme park?

Thanks fir reading,


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