Planning is the key to the Magic!


Whether you are disabled or not planning is all important to any successful vaction.

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If I can do it, So can you!

Travel with a disability that is.

I’ve always loved to travel. I used to joke that my suitcases were always packed and waiting by the door. Any excuse for a road trip.

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Doing Disney With a Disability? – Have No Fear!

If you have a disability, of any kind, you don’t have to be afraid of Disney!

By Patricia Faber

As I said, I’m a Disney Fan and I am disablled. In the last 5 years, getting arpund traveling anywhere has become progressively more difficult for me. I have developed mobility and vision issues that complicate traveling. So in 2018 I thought my traveling days and in particular my trips to Walt Disney World had come to an end.

 WebmasterCorey Nov 10, 2017

But I’m a fighter not a quitter. I longed for time with Mickey and his friends and was determined to make it happen, if at all possible.

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